Continuing their streak of revisited gimmicked decks, Suit&Tie FX returns to uncover the Pro Tapered deck that every magician didn't know they needed.


Burlesque is the classic stripper deck, only better! With the precision and subtlety that so many have come to know, love, and expect from Suit&Tie FX, comes magic's most versatile deck.


At first glance, this deck looks 100% like a normal deck (having 56 cards included: the Jokers and both ad cards). You can use this deck exactly as you would with any other deck... However, there is a powerful secret that awaits behind its normal facade. These cards have been tapered in such a way that any card reversed can be easily located and controlled wherever in the deck you desire! This can be done with one card, four of a kind, an entire suit set, or even half the deck!

So what exactly is the difference between Burlesque and any other stripper deck?


The difference is in the precision and specificity of the tapered angle used. It's taken many attempts to find the ultimate sweet spot that brings you a deck that combines both the subtlety and invisibility of the angle of the cuts used (making it virtually impossible for onlookers to sense any alterations to the deck, or notice any cards sticking out when reversed) with the ease of removal of the reversed cards that has had every big name in magic who has handled the deck compare its smoothness to butter.

They say seeing is believing, but this deck has to be felt to become a believer!