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Suit And Tie FX is the effects and products branch of Suit And Tie.

Founded by Brandon Williams, the CEO of Suit And Tie Magic, we bring you professionally and precision-made props and effects for the working professional! 


When working for real people and fooling even the most difficult skeptics and hecklers is a must, Suit And Tie FX is your go-to supplier for props that require the most keen eye to detail and effects that have been tried and tested thousands upon thousands of times, for audiences of all types.

 Only the best effects and real-worker material will be found here. No fluff. No fillers.

We aim to not only think outside the box with the effects we deliver, but also to re-examine the wheel so we can reinvent it and bring you the last wheel you will ever need again. We bring you not just the newest, cutting-edge magic, but also revisit the classics, figuring out what made them milestones in their heyday, and make them into the magic that they were meant to be!

Our goal is to bring you the very best magic, so that your audiences can get the magic you know they deserve.